In order to succeed we must first BELIEVE that we can.

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Phil Simon Blog

I created this blog after going through hard ships. Being a father, husband and unable to provide to my family in special times like holidays, birthday, my weeding. Had me devastated I was working in a job that barely paid for the everyday food and one day I had enough.

Enough of feeling useless, enough to not being able to have the life I wanted to provide for my family. I thought that my age hold me back, but the true is that it was the mind set that I had the one that didn’t let me move forward.

When I change my mindset my life change. but most important my family life change.

This blog is to help you learn the tips I learn while creating the life I wanted for my family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note.

God bless you!

Hard work for a better life